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Resin Doming Working Mat

Resin Doming Working MatThey are perfect for catching any resin runoff, and ensuring that pieces don..

₹135.00 Ex Tax: ₹135.00

Resin Donuts

Resin Donuts 14mm2pc..

₹15.00 Ex Tax: ₹15.00

Resin Dye

Resin Dye1pc color of your choiceThese resin dyes are highly pigmented , to check on color intense t..

₹100.00 Ex Tax: ₹100.00

Resin Fountain

Resin Fountain 3.5*4cmColor - Random..

₹75.00 Ex Tax: ₹75.00

Resin Fried Egg

Resin Fried Egg 10*12mm2pc..

₹20.00 Ex Tax: ₹20.00

Resin Gummy Bear

Resin Gummy Bear 17*11mm10pc..

₹50.00 Ex Tax: ₹50.00

Resin Light Bulb

Resin Light Bulb20*29mm1pc..

₹25.00 Ex Tax: ₹25.00

Resin Mermaid

Resin Mermaid23*24mm2pc..

₹30.00 Ex Tax: ₹30.00

Resin Mermaid Fish Tail

Resin Mermaid Fish Tail 32x26mm2pc..

₹25.00 Ex Tax: ₹25.00

Resin Mickey Mouse

Resin Mickey Mouse14mm10pc..

₹30.00 Ex Tax: ₹30.00

Resin Milk Bottle

Resin Milk Bottle14*27mm1pc..

₹30.00 Ex Tax: ₹30.00

Resin Mold Bowknot

Resin Mold Bowknot4cm1pc..

₹60.00 Ex Tax: ₹60.00

Resin Mold Horse

Resin Mold Horse44mm(1 6/8") x 40mm(1 5/8")    1pc..

₹60.00 Ex Tax: ₹60.00

Resin Mold Perfume Bottle

Resin Mold Perfume Bottle 35*31mm1pc..

₹70.00 Ex Tax: ₹70.00

Resin Mold Rabbit

Resin Mold Rabbit 51*27mm1pc..

₹60.00 Ex Tax: ₹60.00