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Enamel charms

Enamel charms

Enamel charms

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Enamel Moon charm

Enamel Moon charm15*11mm1pc..

₹15.00 Ex Tax: ₹15.00

Enamel Star charm

Enamel Star charm7mm - random color10pc..

₹60.00 Ex Tax: ₹60.00

Fish Gold color Enamel Charm

Fish Gold color Enamel Charm20*16mm1pc..

₹55.00 Ex Tax: ₹55.00


FOOTBALL BELLS 17mm2pc - It can be attached to albums. Keychain. Bookmarks. Doorbell. Roomtags, Car ..

₹99.00 Ex Tax: ₹99.00

Heart Gold Color Pink Enamel

Heart Gold Color Pink Enamel19mm( 6/8") x 13mm( 4/8")2pc..

₹40.00 Ex Tax: ₹40.00

High-heeled Shoes Gold color Red & White

 High-heeled Shoes Gold color Red & White14*13mm1pc..

₹20.00 Ex Tax: ₹20.00

Little Cute Butterfly Enamel Charm

Little Cute Butterfly Enamel Charm8*8mm10pcPink, Black, White ..

₹60.00 Ex Tax: ₹60.00

Lovely Rhinestone bee Charms

Lovely Rhinestone bee Charms18*14mm1pc..

₹30.00 Ex Tax: ₹30.00

Pearl bow Enamel Charm

 Pearl bow Enamel Charm14*20mm1pc..

₹20.00 Ex Tax: ₹20.00

Silver Tone Enamel Pink White Dress

Silver Tone Enamel Pink White Dress21*16mm1pc..

₹25.00 Ex Tax: ₹25.00

Star Enamel Charm

Star Enamel Charm25mm1pc..

₹25.00 Ex Tax: ₹25.00

Strawberry Bell

Strawberry Bell21*17mm2pc..

₹75.00 Ex Tax: ₹75.00

Three Colors Striped Enamel Alloy Umbrella

Three Colors Striped Enamel Alloy Umbrella1pc..

₹20.00 Ex Tax: ₹20.00

Trendy Alloy Flamingo

Trendy Alloy Flamingo2.6x1.4cm2pc..

₹40.00 Ex Tax: ₹40.00