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White Tulle Lace
Out Of Stock
Model: mb1483
White Tulle Lace4.2cm10yards..
Model: mb463
Black Enamel Crystal Flower Flatback - 20mm, 5pc set..
Model: mb1308
Black Cell Phone Lanyard Cord Dangle Straps 52mm 10pc..
Model: mb465
Bronze knob Studs Spots - 9mmx6mm , 10pc..
felt snowflake - 40mm 
Out Of Stock
Bronze Plated Butterfly Charms Pendant
2-3 Days
Model: mb470
Bronze Plated Butterfly Charms Pendant - 48x38mm, 1pc..
Easy Cast Resin Jewelry Molds 11 Forms
Out Of Stock
Model: mb1747
Easy Cast Resin Jewelry Molds 11 FormsThis is a reusable polypropylene resin mold tray, for casting resins. It works excellent with epoxy, polyester, and urethane resins. Mold release is suggested for longer mold life and easy separation. Create your own jewelry pieces..
Model: mb486
Bronze Filigree Cabochon Setting - 43x38cm, Fit 18x12.5mm, 5pc..
Bronze oval Frame pendant
Out Of Stock
Model: mb515
Bronze oval Frame pendant - 33.5x24.5mm , 1pc..
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