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Silicone Mold

Silicone mold can be used for making embellishments , chocolates and cake decoration.

Model: MB3367
Mold Making Silicone Liquid - 500gms250gms of each - Part A and Part B1:1 ratiodont use silicone product while making molds.Mixing working time 15min , Curing time 5hrs.FDA approved  - Medical grade Silicone ( Food Grade)..
Model: MB4611
 Alphabet Storage Box Moldstorage box and lid Mold1set..
Model: MB4847
 Bee Honey Jar Jewelry Box Mold 8.5cm x 7cm 1set mold..
Model: MB4530
 Bookmark Tag Irregular Mold26x12cm1pc mold..
Model: MB4823
 Building Blocks Square Ornament Silicone Mold21x13.9cm x3.1cm..
 Egg-shaped Dragon-egg Mold  Egg-shaped Dragon-egg Mold
Out Of Stock
Model: MB4751
 Faceted Drawer Handle Accessories Silicone MoldDesign no. 1, 2, 3, 4 - 1pc mold Design no. 5 - 1knob & 1 screwKnob Mold and accessories..
Model: MB4628
 Hexagonal Candle / Night lamp Mold10x7cm1pccan be used for candle , flower preserve , Night lamp..
 Irregular Geometric Makeup Mirror Silicone Mold  Irregular Geometric Makeup Mirror Silicone Mold
Out Of Stock
Model: MB4779
 Irregular Geometric Makeup Mirror Silicone Mold1pc moldMirror required for this is 16.8cm and 2mm thicknessNote - Mirror is not included in this...
 Irregular Marble Round Silicone Resin Mold
Out Of Stock
Model: MB4704
 Irregular Marble Round Silicone Resin Mold15x11cmcan be used for popsockets, keychains, magnets..
 Jar Bottle Mirror Silicone Mold  Jar Bottle Mirror Silicone Mold
Out Of Stock
Model: MB4609
 Jar Bottle Mirror Silicone Mold86X68MM1 mold with 5 cork lid..
 Note Book Cover A7 Mold
Out Of Stock
Model: MB4619
 Note Book Cover A7 Mold12.9x 9.3cmFeature: Imported Mold Brand New And High quality. Silicone material molds, flexible and durable, smooth surface, easy to use and clean. The hole position is reasonable, you can hang a tassel through it when you finish resin bookmark. Mirror effect, the ..
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