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Silicone Mold

Silicone mold can be used for making embellishments , chocolates and cake decoration.

 Square Alphabet Beads Mold  Square Alphabet Beads Mold
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 Square Test Tube Vase Silicone Bracket Silicone Mold  Square Test Tube Vase Silicone Bracket Silicone Mold
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Model: MB4516
 Square Test Tube Vase Silicone Bracket Silicone Mold13.8cm moldglass testubeMade in india..
Model: mb2617
100ml Measuring Cup SiliconeSize (DxH): 5.5x7cm/2.17x2.76inch1pc..
10pcs Silicone Molds for Jewelry Pendant
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Model: mb2714
10pcs Silicone Molds for Jewelry PendantThis is a neat and delicate mold which uses with resin; It is convenient to check from bottom to top when processing project because the silicone molds are clear.Feature- Color: Clear.- Material: Silicone.- Cylinder size: diameter: 1.4 cm/0.55 inch, height: 5 ..
Model: mb2234
12 Designs Silicone Pendant MoldSize: 14.6cm x 10.8cm x 0.9cm/5.7inch x 4.3inch x 0.4inch 1pc..
12 Sunsign constellations Mold
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Model: MB4066
12 Sunsign constellations Mold112x 93mm - 26mm each cavity size1pc Mold..
12inch Round uneven Mold
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Model: MB4292
12inch Round uneven Mold15mm depthMade In India, Food grade siliconecan be used for trays, wall hangings, clock and even side tableBcoz its handmade and heavy piece might have 1-2 scratch hear and there. which can be covered in ur resin piece by doming...
Model: MB4408
18 inch Round Mold2cm deepMade In India..
24inch Round Mold
2-3 Days
Model: MB4545
24inch Round Mold2cm deepmold is heavy weight..
Model: mb3998
2Pcs Wing Coaster16*10cmMade in india..
Model: mb2873
3 Different Sizes Universe Ball Mold9.3*4.5*2.8cm mold sizeballs - 25mm, 20mm , 15mm1pc..
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