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Silicone Mold

Silicone mold can be used for making embellishments , chocolates and cake decoration.

Silicone Beads Mould - no.10
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Model: mb2374
Silicone Beads Mould - no.10bead size 12mm1 pc..
Silicone Beads Mould - no.12
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Model: mb2373
Silicone Beads Mould - no.12Bead size 12mm1pc..
Silicone Beads Mould - no.13
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Model: mb2376
Silicone Beads Mould - no.1312mm size bead1pc..
Silicone Bracelet Bangle Mold - 60mm
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Model: mb1772
 Silicone Bracelet Bangle Mold - 60mmCylindrical 60mm1pc..
Silicone Concrete Pot Mold
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Model: MB4338
Silicone Concrete Pot Mold10.6cm / approx 4.5cm depth1pc mold..
Silicone Cube Pendant Mold
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Model: mb1996
Silicone Cube Pendant MoldPendant Length: 9mm/0.35", Height: 46mm/1.81" (Approx.)1pc..
Model: mb2680
silicone cupFeatures:This cup is used for dividing epoxy resin into silicone molds or colour modulation.Made of silicone,it is durable and easy to operate.Great accessory for DIY mold making,which is convenient to fill with liquid on mold.It can act as a silicone mold to make a cup-shape craft too.&..
Silicone Cylindrical line Pendant Mold
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Model: mb2000
Silicone Cylindrical line Pendant Mold Size(W x H): Approx.1.5x5cm/0.59x1.98inch1pc..
Silicone Diamond shaped bracelet Mould
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Model: mb1895
Silicone Diamond - shaped surface bracelet Mould 62mm / 2.44inch18mm Height , 6.5mm thick1Pc..
Silicone Diamond shaped bracelet Mould - 60mm
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Model: mb2483
Silicone Diamond shaped bracelet Mould - 60mm60mm / 2.4inch18mm Height , 6.5mm thick1Pc..
Silicone Egg Mold Silicone Egg Mold
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Model: mb2963
Features: Silicone mold will allow you to make your own crafts,excellent for jewelry making,cake decoration and home crafts. This type of mold offers you to make eggs,with different colors of pigments can make special products,fully develop your creativity. Consit of 3 different sizes..
Silicone Egg Shaped Bracelet Mould
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