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Silicone Mold

Silicone mold can be used for making embellishments , chocolates and cake decoration.

Model: MB4532
Polka dot Round storage / Tlight Mold8.5x5.9cm1pc Mold..
Model: MB4533
Polka dot Square storage / Tlight Mold7.6cm 1pc mold..
Popsocket Mold Popsocket Mold
Out Of Stock
Model: MB4296
Popsocket Moldcan be used as popsocket, magnets, keychains and manyother ways15cm x 7mm depth1pc mold..
Pregnant Couple Mold
Out Of Stock
Model: MB4732
Pregnant Couple Mold12x6.5x5.4cm1pc mold Use as aromawax mold , Candle mold , Concrete Mold..
Model: MB4449
Pudding Jar Mold70x82mm1set MoldJar and Lid..
Puffed Star Mold
Out Of Stock
Puffy Heart Mold Puffy Heart Mold
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2893
Puffy Heart Mold1pcColor - will vary as per availblity - Pink, Blue or White..
Pumpkin carriage Ghost moon pentagram Mold
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2727
Pumpkin carriage Ghost moon pentagram Mold7cm1pc..
Model: mb3093
Quartz Rock Cluster Mold 238*21*4.6mmHigh Quality Silicone Mold..
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