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Silicone Mold

Silicone mold can be used for making embellishments , chocolates and cake decoration.

Resin Mold Horse
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2447
Resin Mold Horse44mm(1 6/8") x 40mm(1 5/8")    1pc..
Resin Mold Perfume Bottle
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2216
Resin Mold Perfume Bottle 35*31mm1pc..
Resin Mold Rabbit
Out Of Stock
Resin Mold Storage Box Resin Mold Storage Box
Out Of Stock
Resin Mold Tower
Out Of Stock
Resin Perfume Bottle mold
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2411
Resin Perfume Bottle mold44mm(1 6/8") x 28mm(1 1/8")1pc..
Retro Window Silicone Mold
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2556
Retro Window Silicone MoldColor:RandomMaterial:Food Grade SiliconeTotal Size:(L*W*H)6.9*6.5*1.0cm (Please allow 1-3mm error) ..
Reverse Alphabet Mold
Out Of Stock
Model: MB4064
Reverse Alphabet Mold36x19.2cm 4.5x 4 cm..
Model: MB4154
Ring ChainLink Chain 1pcfor name boards, hangings..
Model: MB4762
Roman Clock Dial Mold8inch dia - 1inch roman no.3mm depth1pc Hnadmade Mold..
Roman Wall Clock mold Roman Wall Clock mold
Out Of Stock
Model: mb3081
Roman Wall Clock moldDiameter:approx.14.7cmPackage included:1x Silicone Mold..
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