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Silicone Mold

Silicone mold can be used for making embellishments , chocolates and cake decoration.

Model: MB4199
SuperMan Mold4.5cm / 6mm depth make popsocket , magnet , ornaments , keychains and so many ways....
Sweet Comb Mold
Out Of Stock
Synthesis Silicone mould round oval square drop pendant
Out Of Stock
Model: mb1807
 Synthesis Silicone mould round oval square drop pendant 61*77mmUsing the latest technology, the latest synthetic materials, mirror better, more repeated useNote that only the mold, without jewelry..
Model: MB4475
T.light MoldsSelect Design No.5 designs in total1pc Mold..
Teddy 3D Mold Teddy 3D Mold
Out Of Stock
Model: mb3001
Teddy 3D Mold7*6.5*5.5cm Use it as paper weight or Night lampthese Cute Molds are too cute to resist..
Teddy Shaker Mold
Out Of Stock
Model: MB4054
Teddy Shaker Mold7x6.4cm - depth 1.3cm1pc..
Three-Layer cake Tray Mold Three-Layer cake Tray Mold
Out Of Stock
Model: MB3379
Three-Layer cake Tray Mold3layer mold and stand Fitting1set..
Model: MB4549
Tissue Box Mold12x10cm 1set of molds..
Model: MB4419
Tissue Box Silicone Mold5x4inch 1 set mold..
Tissue box silicone mold Tissue box silicone mold
Out Of Stock
Model: mb3204
 Tissue box silicone mold13*10*7.5/6cmcan be used as tissue box, trinket box and endless possibilities to useu can even make it into Piggy bank..
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