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Silicone Mold

Silicone mold can be used for making embellishments , chocolates and cake decoration.

Model: MB4483
4inch Alphabet Mold4inch - 15mm depth1pc mold..
Model: MB4745
4inch Deep Round Mold4inch dia x 2inch deep..
Model: MB4634
4inch Round Coaster Mold2pc 9mm depth Made In India..
Model: MB4291
4inch uneven coaster1pc6mm depthfood grade SIlicone - Made In India..
4Pcs Gem Crystal Silicone 4Pcs Gem Crystal Silicone
Out Of Stock
4Pcs Reusable Silicone Resin Mixing Cups
Out Of Stock
Model: MB4008
4Pcs Reusable Silicone Resin Mixing Cups1Set 2 mixing Cup and 2 stick spoon..
4PCS Silicone Pendant Mold Carved Jade Lotus Flower
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2888
4PCS Silicone Pendant Mold Carved Jade Lotus FlowerSilicone is flexible, resistant to tearing, durable in useEasy to use and cleanEasy to get smell and flavor awayReusable, non-stickThey can be used with such materials as light metals, plaster, wax, soap, epoxy and urethane resins.   ..
5 in 1 Large Interlocked Coaster Mold 5 in 1 Large Interlocked Coaster Mold
Out Of Stock
50ml  Beaker Clear Plastic Measuring Cup
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2718
50ml  Beaker Clear Plastic Measuring Cup1pc..
Model: MB4486
5inch Round Uneven Coaster Mold1pc mold5inch / 6mm depth Made In India..
5PCS different Shape Silicone mold
Hot Out Of Stock
Model: mb1926
5PCS different Shape Silicone Mold1inch-1.5inch approxMade In India..
Model: MB4784
6 Coaster Stand Mold4inch cavity - 1cm depth- 8mm coaster thicknesscan use for all shape coastersHand made mold..
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