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Types of glitters

12 Color 3D Glitter Heart
Out Of Stock
12 Grids/Case Glitter Sequins Red Holographic
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2938
12 Grids/Case Glitter Sequins Red HolographicShape: Stripe/Diamond/Round/Star/Triangle/Flower/Butterfly..
12colors  Heart Shaped Glitter
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2009
12colors Heart Shaped Glitter12boxes..
Model: MB3344
Angel Dust It has Blueish Copper Tone to it , very mesmerizing .20gms jar..
Model: MB3348
Big Chunk Holographic Hexagon Silver Holo - 4mm20gms..
Big Pink Hexagon Glitter
Out Of Stock
Bow Clay Sprinkle
Out Of Stock
Model: MB3352
Caviar Balls1mm10gmsuse in ur resin Projects, Shakers and other craft Projects..
Cherry Blossoms Glitter
Out Of Stock
Model: mb3051
Cherry Blossoms Glitter5mm Flower - ab color10gms..
Model: mb3320
Chunk Glitter synthetic leather20*34cm1sheet..
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