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Types of glitters

12 Bottles Colorful Shell Broken 12 Bottles Colorful Shell Broken
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Model: MB4112
12 Bottles Colorful Shell Broken1 BOX around 1-3 gramQuantity:12 BoxThese  DIY Filling materials are specially designed for all kinds of resin jewelry making,One set includes 12  different colors, They ornaments your resin projects definitely and meet your different DIY needs,Easy to ..
12 Color 3D Glitter Heart
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12 Grids/Case Glitter Sequins Red Holographic
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Model: mb2938
12 Grids/Case Glitter Sequins Red HolographicShape: Stripe/Diamond/Round/Star/Triangle/Flower/Butterfly..
12colors  Heart Shaped Glitter
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2009
12colors Heart Shaped Glitter12boxes..
3D Fairy Deer 3D Fairy Deer
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4 Styles Luminous Sequins Glow In the Dark Glitters
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Model: MB4258
4 Styles Luminous Sequins Glow In the Dark GlittersType: Octagonal, heart shape, five star, butterflyColor: As picture showsSize:Diameter:1-3 mm1-3 Gram one boxQuantity: 4 Bottles..
Model: mb3078
Alphabets Letters Holographicpackage:10gsilver holographic..
Model: MB3344
Angel Dust It has Blueish Copper Tone to it , very mesmerizing .20gms jar..
Big Chunk Holographic Hexagon
Out Of Stock
Model: MB3348
Big Chunk Holographic Hexagon Silver Holo - 4mm20gms..
Big Pink Hexagon Glitter
Out Of Stock
Black Square Holo Glitter
Out Of Stock
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