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Types of glitters

Model: MB4256
Colorful sprinkle4-6mm15gms JarUse it For Resin Shaker Charms,  Shaker Card elements or miniatue..
Diamond shape Glitter
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Model: MB4273
Dolphin Glitter Color - Blue , White and Silver Holographic10gms  - 1cm sizeMade In India..
Dolphin Laser Glitter
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English Letters Holographic
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Model: mb3078
English Letters Holographicpackage:10g/bagsilver holographic / champagne gold/ Gold Holographic..
Model: mb2915
Fairy DustNon toxic, Kids safe, Light WeightHas rainbow shimmer to it, use it for your projects, resin, flowers and etc..Bottles weight - 30gms..
Model: mb1932
Fine Glitters gives you a dazzling effect !  the colors are hard to keep you hands off too! If you plan to use on your lips, eyes and hair (like our lovely lady above), it is best to go with the cosmetic grade colors. The ultrafine glitter flake (0.008) is a favorite for artists,..
Model: mb3217
Flower Clay sprinkle 4-6mm15gms JarUse it For Resin Shaker Charms,  Shaker Card elements or miniature..
Model: MB4215
Flower Glitter 4-5mm , 30gms Color - Pink , Blue and whiteadd in ur resin projects, Shaker charms , shaker cards and etc.....
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