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Types of glitters

Fluorescent Luminous Flower
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2774
Fluorescent Luminous Flower3mm - Ultra thin Glow in Dark1box..
Fluorescent Luminous Heart
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2773
Fluorescent Luminous Heart3mm - Ultra thin Glow in Dark1box..
Fluorescent Luminous Star
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2772
Fluorescent Luminous Star3mm - Ultra thin Glow in Dark1box..
Model: MB4250
Foil Jar8-10gms FoilColor - Gold , Silver..
Model: MB4226
Gliding Foil  for Resin art and gliding16x16cm10pc sheetGold , Silver..
Gold Square Glitter
Out Of Stock
Brand: Apple Model: MB4161
Gold Square Glitter10gms2mm square..
Model: MB4251
Heart Clay Sprinkles4-6mm15gms JarUse it For Resin Shaker Charms,  Shaker Card elements or miniature..
Holographic Butterfly Glitter
Out Of Stock
Model: mb3010
Holographic Butterfly Glitter3mm size6-7gms approx in jar..
Model: mb1931
Holographic GlitterHolographic glitters is a metallic finish with a secondary rainbow finish that gives you a dazzling effect! The silver is always going to give you the most dramatic effect but, the colors are hard to keep you hands off too! If you plan to use on your lips, eyes and hair ..
Model: MB3351
Holographic Glitter Foil7.25*20Inch2sheets..
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