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Types of glitters

Model: MB4272
Unicorn Glittercolors - Blue , Pink and silver10gms 15mm..
Unicorn Holographic Glitter
Out Of Stock
Model: mb3304
Unicorn Holographic Glitter10gms2cm..
UV Light Photochromic Pigment Powder UV Light Photochromic Pigment Powder
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2598
UV Light Photochromic Pigment PowderCapacity: Approx. 6g/bottleColor - Pink, Blue & purple1boxChanges color in sunlight...
Model: mb1988
Chunk Hexagon Glitters Hexagon Shape glitterNon toxic, Kids safe, Light WeightHas rainbow shimmer to it, use it for your projects, resin, flowers and etc..Bottles weight - 30gms..
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