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Resin Pigments

Resin pigments

Used with epoxy resin and its highly pigmented paste, gives excellent opaque finish to your projects

Model: MB4760
Bubble BusterUse for resin art to burst the bubbles and get flawless resin finish Piece100ml..
Chameleon Pigments Chameleon Pigments
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Model: MB4275
Chameleon Pigments0.3gms6 shades gives u 2tones effect. rub with the sponge brush..
Model: MB4497
DECOCOLOR® PREMIUM CHISEL TIPGold, SIlver this marker can be used for drawing and lines and topcoat with resin for it to be waterproofDont use for edges, it will rub off.1pc..
Model: mb2323
Epoxy Opaque PigmentsYour coloring possibilities are endless with this beautiful array of opaque colors.  These 14 opaque colors are specifically formulated to color the Madrasbazaar Epoxy Resin  Epoxy Opaque Pigment are high quality, clean colors that are excellent for blending and ..
Model: MB4226
Gliding Foil  for Resin art and gliding16x16cm - Gold , Silver & Copper10 sheet14x14cmBlue , Purple , Peach, Red, Pink 10sheet..
Model: MB4131
Full Opaque pigment Setset of full 14pigmentsused for Epoxy Resin..
Model: MB3324
Measuring Cup25mlBeaker Cup plastic - 2pc..
Model: mb3315
Metallic Pigment PowderWe have in 3 Colors - Rich Gold , Pale Gold and Real CopperCan be used with Epoxy resinCalligraphy Ink (Glue and Distilled water)Paint with binding medium 30gms and 75gms..
Mini Rainbow Pigment Kit Mini Rainbow Pigment Kit
Out Of Stock
Model: MB4130
Mini Rainbow Pigment Kitset of 7 shades of rainboweach jar has 30gms pigment , for Epoxy Resin ...
Model: MB4129
Mini Sea Pigment setset of 7 Pigmnetssea theme pigmentseach jar has 30gms of pigments..
Model: MB4511
Mirror Chameleons Pigment Pearlescent 12 shades set 5gm each..
Model: MB4334
Neon Pigment Powder10gms jar8 Color shades to selectmix powder with little resin 1st and then a dd to remaining resin ...
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