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MDF for Resin pouring and Decoupage

Model: MB5074
Chowki / Manai4, 6, 8,10 and 12inch8mm mdf base. u can hand paint , sticker or resin work . for gifting , for pooja room and etc....
Model: MB4097
Clock Base Acrylic9inch  - 3mm thickness (only clock base - Roman No. not included)Color - Black and white1pc..
Model: mb3229
Clock Base with Number cutout11.75inch - 5mm thicknessPerfect for Resin pour and Decoupage..
Model: MB4086
Fitting Legs3pc Fitting Legs - Gold3inchonly legs. fitting base is not included..
Flower Of life MDF
Out Of Stock
Model: MB4936
Flower Of life MDF8inch Can be used fro resin art, dot mandala and Lippan art\1pc..
Model: MB4935
Hanging Clock Mdf base 8inch - 4mmonly MDF..
Model: MB4083
Hexagon Acrylic CoasterApprox 4inch/ 4.5inch - 3mm Thickness4pc setColor - white Black..
Hexagon Mdf Coaster
Out Of Stock
Model: mb3192
Hexagon Mdf CoasterMDF Laser Cut Resin CoasterBaseBase 2mm thick, Upper rim 2mm - Total thickness 4mm a setBase and rim comes separate 4 coaster set..
Mason Jar MDF
Out Of Stock
Model: mb3316
Mason Jar MDFMagnet Base- 4 *2.3inch -5pc..
Mdf  Plain Coaster
Out Of Stock
Model: mb3194
Mdf  Plain Coaster4/4inch - 2mm thickness set of 6pcs..
Mdf clock 8inch
Out Of Stock
Model: MB4934
Mdf clock 8inch4.5mm thickness..
Model: mb3195
MDF Clock Base12inch - 2mm , 4mm and 8mm  thickness with center hole 8mm 1pc..
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