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MDF for Resin pouring and Decoupage

Model: MB4724
MDF Name plate1pc 15x7inch - 4mm thick..
Model: mb3317
MDF Rectangle Bookmark15*3.5cm / 2mmset of 5..
Model: MB3318
Lasser Cut4inch size2mm base and 2 mm rim (comes un attached)6pc set..
Model: mb3098
Mdf Round Coaster6mm thickness perfect for resin pouring and Decoupage6pc coasters..
MDF Tray - 12*6
Out Of Stock
Model: mb3100
MDF Tray - 12*6 inchperfect for resin pouring and Decoupage..
MDF Tray 12*8
Out Of Stock
Model: mb3101
MDF Tray 12*8 Inchperfect for resin pouring and Decoupage..
MDF Tray 6*6
Out Of Stock
Model: mb3191
MDF Tray 6*6perfect for resin pouring and Decoupage..
MDF Wall Hanging
Out Of Stock
Model: mb3196
MDF Wall Hanging11.5inch Dia 5mm Board and 5mm rim thickness with back hook can be used for Resin and Decoupage..
Model: MB4938
Metatron Mdf8inch Can be used fro resin art, dot mandala and Lippan art\1pc..
Model: mb3278
Mini Cheese Boardboard - 3.5cm handle - 2cm - Total 5.5cm height- 2mm5pcMake beautiful resin magnets, Decoupage or mixed media magnets..
Model: MB5360
Mini Rectangle Wood Photo Frame76x61x6mm1pc Burly Wood..
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