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Sea Elements

Sea related Elements, Shell, Starfish. sand and etc..

 White Natural Finger Sea Star
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2964
 White Natural Finger Sea Star1 Piece 8-12cm approxNotice: this is a natural product and has a definite smell of the seaside..
12 Bottles Colorful Shell Broken 12 Bottles Colorful Shell Broken
Out Of Stock
Model: MB4112
12 Bottles Colorful Shell Broken1 BOX around 1-3 gramQuantity:12 BoxThese  DIY Filling materials are specially designed for all kinds of resin jewelry making,One set includes 12  different colors, They ornaments your resin projects definitely and meet your different DIY needs,Easy to ..
3D Fairy Deer 3D Fairy Deer
Out Of Stock
Model: mb3293
3D Fairy Deer20mm, 30mm , 40mm1pc each..
5 Sheets Gold Fish 3D
Out Of Stock
Abalone Shell Chips
Out Of Stock
Model: MB4224
Abalone Shell Chips30gmsapprox .5-1.5inch chips..
Artificial Powder Micro Landscaping Decoration
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2353
Artificial Powder Micro Landscaping DecorationGreen is usually used for made mini trees, grass and so on.15 g each bag, A bag can make many tree...
Conch shells Conch shells
Hot Out Of Stock
Model: mb2676
Conch shells 100gms0.9-1.5 cmwhite Brown..
Model: MB4098
Mica Shelluse it with ur Epoxy resin in coasters, trays and Tablesgives beautiful Mica shell finish.. 100gms..
Mixed shells
Out Of Stock
Model: mb3213
Mixed shellsmix of designs random pieces100gms approx..
MOP chips
Out Of Stock
Model: MB4027
MOP chips100gmsuneven sizes- real Mother of pearl Broken chipsUse it for Resin art , Wood art..
Mother Of Pearl Shell Mother Of Pearl Shell
Out Of Stock
Model: mb3228
Mother Of Pearl ShellFreshwater shell mother of pearl Natural craft Conch Home Decoration Aquarium Landscaping , Resin Art.size 5*8/9inch Approx1pc..
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