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Model: mb1328
Bronze Box Wood Case Decorative Corner Protector24*24mm7pc..
Bronze Plated Bell Charms
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2087
Bronze Plated Bell Charms23*16.5mm4pc..
Model: mb1329
Bronze Tone Photo Frame tied Metal Hooks2.1*1.3cm10pc..
Model: MB4110
Cheese Board Mold31x20cm / 9mm depthEPOXY RESIN SERVING TRAY MOLDS: Great for casting epoxy resin, ideal size for making a resin tray to hold dishes or bowls; you can also use it for making resin ocean painting art.GLOSSY RESIN SILICONE MOLDS:..
Model: MB4552
Christmas Ornament Hanging Mold 2inch approx each design1pc mold..
Model: MB4302
Clip Clamp MoldOptional Mold Size: S, M, LS Size: app.4.3x5.1cm/1.69x2.01inM Size: app.8.3x6.6cm/3.27x2.60inL Size: app.8.3x7.3cm/3.27x2.87in1pc mold..
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