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Bronze Five-pointed Star
Out Of Stock
Model: mb799
Bronze Five-pointed Star -10x13mm10pc..
Bronze flower
Out Of Stock
Bronze Gear Charm
Out Of Stock
Bronze Harry Potter Triangle Charm
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2291
Bronze Harry Potter Triangle Charm32.3mm*30.6mm5pc..
Bronze Hope Tag
Out Of Stock
Bronze oval Believe tag
Out Of Stock
Model: mb973
Bronze oval Believe tag - 34x11mm5pc..
Bronze Plated Wine Pot Charm Bead Frames
Out Of Stock
Model: mb1415
Bronze Plated Wine Pot Charm Bead Frames -23x19mm (comes without bead)5pc..
Bronze Retro high-heeled shoes charm
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2350
Bronze Retro high-heeled shoes charm17*29MM8pc..
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