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Model: MB4381
Small Palette Mold7x5inch approxMade In India..
Model: MB4323
Small Popsocket MoldMade In India3-4cm Approc each cavity1pc Mold..
Model: MB4178
Small Tic Tac MoldSmall Size:Board 128x113 mmm/5"x4.5",Thickness 8mm/0.25"1 moldMade In India..
Model: MB4322
Snowflake Hanging Silicone Mold11cm1pcMade In India..
Model: MB4349
Spotify Mold2pc Set5.5cm and 7.5cmMade In India..
Model: MB4484
Star T.light Mold1pc moldcan be used for Resin , Cement , Jesmonite and Etc.....
Model: mb2698
Swivel Clasp1inch size of clasp useful for album locking, bracelet making. keychain hangingclasp only - 6pc..
Model: MB4475
T.light MoldsSelect Design No.5 designs in total1pc Mold..
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