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Model: mb542
Filigree Butterfly Flower- 3.7x1.9cm, 10pc..
Filigree Triangle Wraps Connectors
Out Of Stock
Model: mb551
Filigree Triangle Wraps Connectors - 5cm x 3.2cm, 12pc..
Thin Bookmark Thin Bookmark
Out Of Stock
Model: mb555
Thin Bookmark- 8.5cm, 2pcBronze , Antique Gold..
bronze bow Knot
Out Of Stock
Model: mb560
bronze bow Knot - 18*17*3mm, 10pc..
Model: mb574
Antiqued Gold "LOVE" Charm Connectors - 5.5x25.5mm, 5pc..
Model: mb575
Antiqued Bronze "LOVE" Charm Connectors - 5.5x25.5mm, 5pc..
Bird Nest Pearl Antique Bronze Alloy Pendants
Out Of Stock
Model: mb582
Bird Nest Pearl Antique Bronze Alloy Pendants , 24x19x8 mm, 5pc..
Model: mb587
Bronze Tone Cameo Frame Settings 24x21mm(Fit 13x9mm) , 11pc..
Cameo Frame Settings
2-3 Days
Model: mb588
Cameo Frame Settings - 5.3x4.4cm, 5pc..
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