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Sea Elements

Sea related Elements, Shell, Starfish. sand and etc..

 White Natural Finger Sea Star
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Model: mb2964
 White Natural Finger Sea Star1 Piece 8-12cm approxNotice: this is a natural product and has a definite smell of the seaside..
3D Fairy Deer 3D Fairy Deer
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Abalone Shell Chips
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Model: MB4224
Abalone Shell Chips30gmsapprox .5-1.5inch chips..
Model: mb2353
Artificial Powder Micro Landscaping DecorationGreen is usually used for made mini trees, grass and so on.9 g each bag, A bag can make many tree...
Model: MB5361
Big Sail Boat2inch approx1pc random color..
Big Starfish
Out Of Stock
Model: MB4255
Big Starfish4inch approx2pc..
Model: MB5129
Blue BoatRoyal BlueSize: about 27mm long, 11.5mm wide, 6mm thick.5pc..
Model: MB5266
Clay Starfish6cm approx1pc blue & white..
Coconut Tree Coconut Tree
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Conch shells Conch shells
Hot Out Of Stock
Model: mb2676
Conch shells 100gms0.9-1.5 cmwhite Brown..
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