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Healing Crystals

Aura Crystal
Out Of Stock
Model: MB3383
Aura Crystal100gmsMix pack..
Model: MB3369
Crystal Chips200gmsuse it for geodes , jewlery and Coasters...
Crystal Pencils
Out Of Stock
Model: MB3391
Crystal Pencils150gmsmixed sizes..
Model: MB3359
Presenting another beautiful creation which is very effective in application for massage. Gua-shas are being used in many wellness centers and spa and are considered effective for relaxing the muscles and skin. Carved out of different crystals these are easy to handle and convenient to use. Unlike m..
Model: Mb3390
Rainbow Crystals200gmsColor - Red , yellow , orange , green , blue , indigo , purple..
Real Agate Coaster Real Agate Coaster
Out Of Stock
Model: MB4236
Real Agate Coaster4-5inch , microplated edges.1pc..
Model: MB3327
Real Gem stones Crystals200gm packAmethystClear quartzGreen Aventurine Tigers EyeLapis luzili..
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