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Ribbon Bows

 Blue Ribbon BOW
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Model: MB042
Girl Butterfly Bow Tie Green Yeallow Stripes - 45 mm X 31 mm , 5pc..
15cm Handmade Silky Tassel 15cm Handmade Silky Tassel
Out Of Stock
Model: mb1889
15cm Handmade Silky Tasselcolor - white and pink2pc..
2tone Cotton Ribbon bow
Out Of Stock
Model: MB038
2tone Cotton Ribbon bow - 40*22mm , 4pc..
Blue Flower Bow
Out Of Stock
Blue Satin ribbon flowers
Out Of Stock
Crochet Resin Flatback Bows Winter Appliques
Out Of Stock
Model: MB043
Crochet Resin Flatback Bows Winter Appliques - 40mm , 1pc..
Double Organza bow - 2 1/2"* 1 1/2"
Out Of Stock
Glitter Felt Bow shape
Out Of Stock
Glitter Synthetic leather &Fabric Glitter Synthetic leather &Fabric
Hot Out Of Stock
Model: mb2295
Glitter Synthetic leather &Fabric22*20cm - 1sheetHigh QualityMake Beautiful Bows, Flowers for ur projects, baby headbands and Etc... colors - shades of what u select it can be light or darker...
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