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Resin flatback

 Assorted Comb Flatback
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 kawaii dog flat back
Out Of Stock
 Pink CupCake
Out Of Stock
 Plastic Sewing Shank Buttons
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2074
 Plastic Sewing Shank ButtonsRound Clear Transparent 10mm10pc..
 Rose candy
Out Of Stock
 Round Blue AB Color Flower
Out Of Stock
 Small Minnie Resin Flatback
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2792
 Small Minnie Resin Flatback14*17mm10pc - mix colorUse it for hairclips, headbands, scrapbooks, earrings, keychains, pendants and etc....
Out Of Stock
Model: mb248
"I LOVE YOU" - 32mm*11mm , 5pc..
10PCS mixing Cartoon Resin
Out Of Stock
Model: mb1128
10PCS mixing Cartoon Resin Size 10-20mm10pc..
12 coke Soda Bottles /Tray
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2139
12 coke Soda Bottles /Tray Dimensions (Approx)BottleWidth : 0.70 diatmeter Height : 2.30 cm.TrayWidthxLength : 3.10x4.00 cmHeight : 1.00 cm...
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