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Resin flatback

Pink Sunflower
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Plastic Golden Bowknot
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Model: mb2793
Plastic Golden Bowknot11*20mm - 20pcUse it for hairclips, headbands, scrapbooks, earrings, keychains, pendants and etc....
Polka dot bows
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Polymer Clay Rainbow
Out Of Stock
Polymer clay rainbow 
Out Of Stock
Model: mb222
Polymer clay rainbow - 4.8cm x3.8cm, 1pc..
Out Of Stock
Princess Aurora
Out Of Stock
Princess Sofia w/ Crown
Out Of Stock
Model: mb1033
Princess Sofia w/ Crown - 25mm1pc..
Purple butterfly
Out Of Stock
Model: mb409
Purple butterfly - 22mm X 16mm, 2pc..
Purple Easter Eggs Colourful Flowers
Out Of Stock
Model: mb412
Purple Easter Eggs Colourful Flowers - 25*17mm, 1pc..
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