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Resin flatback

Resin Cabochon Cameo Oval Pink & Beige Angel
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Model: mb1673
Resin Cabochon Cameo Oval Pink & Beige Angel3.9cm x3cm1pc..
Resin Candy Leaf 
Out Of Stock
Resin Coffee Ice Cream
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Resin Color Bow
Out Of Stock
Model: mb309
Resin Color Bow - 20mm, 5pc mix..
Resin Dolphin Flatback
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Model: mb2117
Resin Dolphin Flatback 26mm*20mm5pc..
Model: mb1879
Resin Dyes - 12pc setIt comes in set of 12 colors.TealYellowPurpleGreenRedBlackBrownIndigo BlueOrangePinkTurquoise and Leafy GreenDye are transparent when used with clear resin , Of course you can custom color by varying amount used or by using in combination with other will start from Jun..
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