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Mini Heart Dome
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Model: mb1939
Mini Heart DomeYou can add anything inside of it, maybe a small little baby shoe, a glove, anything your heart desires!Sequins, Flowers, glitters and embellishments.8cm / 3inch1pc..
Mix Round Flower Glass domes
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Mixed Floral Glass Cabochons
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Model: mb3025
Mixed Floral Glass Cabochons12mm - 10pc..
Mixed Frozen Photo Glass Cabochons
Out Of Stock
Model: mb3024
Mixed Frozen Photo Glass Cabochons12mm - 10pc..
Mixed Peacock Glass Cabochons
Out Of Stock
Model: mb3026
Mixed Peacock Glass Cabochons12- 10pc..
Model: mb2840
Mixed Resin Bling Round8mm &12mmwith Dichro effect8mm- 20pc12mm - 10pc..
Princess Glass dome
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