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Metal charms

 Antique Silver Tone Cabochon Pendant Round
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2751
Antique Silver Tone Cabochon Pendant Round28x35mm Setting For 2cm1pc..
 Box Handle Knobs Arch Tracery
Out Of Stock
Model: mb1460
 Box Handle Knobs Arch Tracery 4.3cmx1cm 1pc..
 Cat ears Beadcap
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2710
 Cat ears Beadcap12mm2pccolor might vary from Pic..
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2744
 DOLPHINS JINGLE BELLS25mm2pc - It can be attached to albums. Keychain. Bookmarks. Doorbell. Roomtags, Car hangings..
 Double cherry blossom Bezel
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2761
 Double cherry blossom Bezel31*24mm1pc..
 Gold color star Bezel
Out Of Stock
 Three color Alloy Mini Cat Bezel
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2027
 Three color Alloy Mini Cat Bezel29*13mm2pc..
 Vintage Charms Moon Pendant
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2237
 Vintage Charms Moon Pendant27*21mm1pc..
 Vintage Silver Mustache
Out Of Stock
Model: mb1805
 Vintage Silver MustacheSize:43*12*2mm1pc..
10Mtr Bronze Tone Flat Link-Opened Chains 3x2mm
Out Of Stock
30mm Handmade Flower Tassel
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2066
30mm Handmade Flower Tassel5pc random colors..
3scoop Ice cream Bezel
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2363
3scoop Ice cream Bezel 32*50mm1pc Gold and silver..
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