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Metal charms

Bronze Dream Tag
Out Of Stock
Bronze Faith Tag
Out Of Stock
Bronze Filigree Cabochon Base
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2431
Bronze Filigree Cabochon BaseApprox:42x36mmCabochon Setting: 25x18mm5pc..
Bronze Hello Kitty Bezel Charm Bronze Hello Kitty Bezel Charm
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2092
Bronze Hello Kitty Bezel Charm45*35mm2pcBronze , Silver..
Bronze Mobile Charm
Out Of Stock
Bronze Peace Charm
Out Of Stock
Bronze plated dog charm
Out Of Stock
Model: mb1157
Bronze plated dog charm13*24mm5pc..
Bronze plated Heart key
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2108
Bronze plated Heart key40*20mm2pc..
Bronze plated High heels
Out Of Stock
Model: mb1158
Bronze plated High heels28*12mm1pc..
Bronze Plated Mini Tape
Out Of Stock
Model: mb1292
Bronze Plated Mini Tape23*12mm5pc..
Bronze Plated Ring Cameo Setting
Out Of Stock
Model: mb1815
Bronze Plated Ring Cameo Setting25*18mm1pc..
Bronze Rectangle Frame
Out Of Stock
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