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Metal charms

Enamel Handbag
Out Of Stock
Model: mb1613
Enamel Handbag Size: 21mm x17mm( 7/8" x 5/8")1pc..
Enamel Hot air balloon
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2276
 Enamel Hot air balloon 22*10mm1pc..
EVIL EYE Hamsa Hand Pendant
Out Of Stock
Model: MB4301
EVIL EYE Hamsa Hand Pendant5PC19X12MM..
Model: mb2214
Exclusive Pearl Stone Bezel Round & Triangle Triangle - 22*20mmRound  - 25*21mm1pc..
Eyelets Round Antique Bronze 10x7mm
Out Of Stock
Model: mb1336
Eyelets Round Antique Bronze 10x7mm- 50pc..
fairy angel moon star
Out Of Stock
Fairy Antique Bronze
Out Of Stock
Filigree Flower Wrap
Out Of Stock
Filigree Wraps Connector For Pendant Earring Making
Out Of Stock
Model: mb1409
Filigree Wraps Connector For Pendant Earring Making80*50mminner dia 25mm5pc..
Fish bell
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2736
Fish bell30*19mm2pcIt can be attached to albums. Keychain. Bookmarks. Doorbell. Roomtags, Car hangings..
Fish Bezel
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2370
Fish Bezel61*37mmGold , SIlver1pc..
Fish Gold color Enamel Charm
Out Of Stock
Model: mb2605
Fish Gold color Enamel Charm20*16mm1pc..
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