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E6000 Epoxy Glue

E6000  Epoxy Glue
E6000 Epoxy Glue

E6000  Epoxy Glue

1, before use, please read carefully the description of the product specification


2, in a large area, a small area of the test


3. Make sure that the adhesive surface is dry and clean


4, the optimum operating temperature must be between 18 and 32 degrees


5 hole desired, the product can be used directly on the upper surface uniformly coated rod


Align pressure 6,3~6 two minutes of waiting, viscous


7, continuous, 48 hours after the best combination of strength hours


8, when the product does not include high-end, in order to avoid the contact with air curing adhesive




1, can irritate the skin and eyes


2. In a well-ventilated indoor use


3. If you come into contact with the eyes, with plenty of water


4. children away from these stores, manufacturing operations, please stay away from sources of ignition away


5-year shelf life, eventually using the latest security products custody


The same function can be adhered to the metal, leather, plastic, glass, resin, ceramic, each product through each glue favor



Packaging: 6000 / 29.7ml 1pc

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